I’ve downloaded the plugin, but it hasn’t worked (no EndNote tab in Word, and/or unable to export from Summon…..)

Answered By: Aicha Bahij
Last Updated: Jul 20, 2020     Views: 113

There are several possible causes of this issue. Please check the following list

a. Had you closed all Microsoft Office programmes down when you downloaded the plugin?  If not, do that, and try again.

b. The EndNote plug-in won’t work if the Mendeley plug-in is present. You will see the error message ‘Cannot Edit Range’.  See:

c. The Cite While Your Write plugin has been disabled in Microsoft Word or has not installed properly:

1)Look in the Word Options menu to see whether it has disabled the plugin for some reason. To do this in Microsoft Word:

  • File, and then Options (right at the bottom of the list!);
  • In Word Options, choose Add-Ins;
  • At the bottom, there is a dropdown, and COM Add-Ins should be the default. Click on the Go button;
  • If the EndNote Cite While Your Write option is not ticked, tick it and click Okay.

If this isn't the problem then try option 2 below:

2)Uninstall and download the plugin again, check that it is actually installing CWYW. As the plugin is being installed stop at the Select Features screen and make sure that the Cite While You Write plugin does not have a cross next to it. If is does, click the downward arrow next to the cross and select the top option to install CWYW.