I've downloaded Endnote desktop from the IT services list of software, and it's asked me for a product key. How do I get that?

Answered By: Aicha Bahij
Last Updated: Oct 22, 2020     Views: 732

A: You need to add another step after the download. Endnote is a large file and is downloaded "zipped", which makes it smaller. Windows tries to run the file in its zipped state and then it doesn't install properly and can't find our product key. Here are the steps to make it work properly:
  1. Go to the IT Services software page in Sharepoint.
  2. Click on the EndNote link for your operating system (Windows or Mac) to download the installation zip file.
  3. If using a Windows machine, in the Downloads folder, right-click on the zipped Endnote package and choose "Extract to". 
    1. You can leave "Downloads" as the destination. 
  4. When the file has been unzipped, run the new, normal looking Endnote.exe file.

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