My device won't permit the installation of the EndNote plugin (Chromebook, device running Android, a work or NHS laptop, a device running Linux, or that uses OpenOffice or Pages tools). How do I make EndNote Web work on my device?

Answered By: Louise Dawson
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021     Views: 2

You can use EndNote Web, but in a different way:

  • You can collect references by saving - rather than opening - exports of references from Summon and databases, and then using the Import References tool:
    • Find the exported .ris file in your Downloads folder (organising this folder by most recently downloaded file helps);
    • Choose the Import Option called RefMan Ris (to set it as a FavouriteSelect Favourites, find RefMan Ris from the list, then Copy to Favourites, then Hide);
    • Choose the group where you want to put the references, or select Unfiled.
  • You can also collect references by:
  • You can cite within your work by:
    • adding basic citations (author’s family name and year of publication) in “wiggly” brackets, for example {Andrews and Rowland 2020};

When you have completed your citations in this way, make sure you have references for all the cited sources in your EndNote Library;

    • Then use the Format paper option in EndNote Online (under Format) to create the full citations and reference list in your referencing style.