How do I add web sources (webpages, web documents/pdfs, online videos, etc) to my EndNote Library?

Answered By: Mat Andrews
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Adding web sources to your EndNote Library can be problematic. There are four ways to do this:

  1. Create a reference manually in your EndNote Library using the New Reference option. Use the referencing guides [link to here] to find out which boxes you need to complete. The two most useful EndNote Reference Types are Web Page (for web pages) and Electronic Book (for any pdf or Word web document that is not a journal article, conference paper or thesis).
    • A Web Page reference includes Author (publication year) Title. Publisher [if not already the author]. Web address. Access date.
    • An Electronic Book reference includes Author(s) (publication year) Title: subtitle. Publisher [if not already the author] [add paper number here if required]. Web address. Access date.
  2. Some web document references are available in Summon (tick Add results beyond your library's collection to increase your choice of references), or via tools that index quality web documents (and which offer an EndNote/RIS export option) such as EconBiz, or sometimes via Google Scholar;
  3. Add web sources references into your document manually once you have finished writing:
    1. Add the citations for your web sources into your document manually as you write.
    2. Once your work is completed, save your document, and create a new plain text version. To create a new plain text version of your document see
    3. The web source references can then be typed into your reference list manually.
  4. From the Downloads tab in your EndNote Library, drag the Capture Reference tool to your browser’s Favourites/Bookmarks bar (this may not work with some browsers).
  1. Clicking on this when viewing a webpage or web document will generate an EndNote window.
  2. You may be asked to login using your Endnote Web login and password.
  3. The EndNote window will imitate the New Reference option in your EndNote Library. However, it is unusual for more than the web address and one other detail to be added correctly automatically to the boxes in this window, so it will need to be completed manually. Use the referencing guides [link to here] to find out which boxes are required. See 1 (above) for the most useful Reference Types.
  4. The Capture Reference tool does allow the reference to be saved to any of your Groups, or for a new Group to be created for the reference.

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