I am submitting an article to a publisher, and need a version of the document that will be compatible with the publisher’s manuscript submission system. How can make sure that my use of EndNote isn’t a problem?

Answered By: Mat Andrews
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2021     Views: 13

You need to convert your document to plain text:

  1. Make sure you have recently saved your document, and that it is essentially complete apart from the missing web source references.
  2. In the EndNote tab in Word, under Bibliography, click on Convert Citations and Bibliography.
  3. Then choose Convert to Plain Text. This will create a new version of your document, with all Endnote coding removed, which can be edited normally.
  4. Please note that this new version cannot be converted back to an EndNote-coded document, except by adding in individual citations, as you would with a completely new piece of work.

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