Can I practice on a test Reading list?

Answered By: Gill Jones
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2022     Views: 6

Yes. It is permissible to create a test reading list however please can you ensure that such lists are kept as Draft lists and not published and have the word TEST somewhere in the name of the list. This makes it easier for the library to exclude such lists from statistics.

Creating a test list:

1. Log into Talis at

2. Click on "My Lists" in the bar at the top of the screen.

3. Click on "Create new List" on the top right of the screen and fill in the three fields below. -"List Name" this is usually your module title, but for practice purposes call it TEST and add your name. (e.g. TEST Joe Bloggs). -"Description" - Leave this blank. In a genuine list this can be used to provide some guidance to students about your reading list and give a personal feel to it. You might, for instance, describe how it connects to the rest of the module or even explain why students should engage with the reading list in the first place. -"Academic Year" - Choose the Current year

4. Click on "Create list".

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